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Strategic Management Solutions

Our account management consultative approach assists in nurturing and strategically developing your travel program to reach your company objectives. From the implementation stage, we become an extension of your business and continue to build strong and meaningful relationships with key stakeholders to ensure the success of your travel program.

Comprehensive Corporate Travel Policy

Our experience shows that a comprehensive, easy to follow travel policy can reduce your travel expenses. It provides travel program guidelines based on your business goals. Once implemented, every traveller in your organisation is aware of expectations and responsibilities. Most importantly it enables consistent travel behaviour and ultimately delivers the duty of care obligations to your employees.

Transparency and Visibility

We provide an extensive range of management reports for air, hotel and car hire bookings. This data sets up the foundation for our account management, cost minimisation and risk management services.

Reporting can be customised to easily integrate with your expense, HR and procurement systems to enable you to monitor your employee spend patterns, their whereabouts as well as control your businesses overall travel spend.

Duty of Care

We play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees throughout their travel journey. Our thorough risk assessments of travel destinations provides up to date information on safety and security conditions. The use of our advanced technology and tracking systems assist in monitoring the whereabouts of travelling employees. This enables real-time communication and immediate response in case of emergencies and incidents. We offer a dedicated 24/7 emergency assistance service to provide immediate support and guidance to your employees.      

Obtain a return on your investment.

With our expert travel services, we are able to demonstrate our value proposition and deliver a positive return on investment to our clients. This can be achieved by leveraging our volume buying power and high level industry connections to enable us to deliver exclusive deals with airlines, hotels, car hire and other service providers specifically for your business regardless of your size. Some of these may include discounted lounge memberships, lost luggage concierge and more. Through regular analysis of your travel data, patterns and trends, we will highlight areas of cost reduction, policy improvements and travel behaviour efficiencies.

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