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Dawn McKiernan

Marketing Manager

Travel has been part of my life since a child, and being a gypsy at heart, travel is a huge passion. After spending a good part of 5 years exploring the globe, I decided to switch careers and find a role in travel. I've been lucky to sample a few different roles in travel as a tour guide, a travel advisor, product developement, business developement & marketing manager.

There is nothing better than to explore a new country, city or culture, soaking up what each destination has to offer

as is always so much to see and experience, and do wherever you go, whether its hiking through mountains, camping in Antarctica, soaking it up at a luxury hotel, relaxing on beach holiday or watching a sunrise at Huayna Picchu. The world is our playground and my travel list is very long. Luckily I get to to share my passion with friends, clients & colleagues and continue to travel and explore new destinations.

"Its a big world out there it would be a shame not to explore it" JD Andrews.

Dawn McKiernan
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