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Amy Wasbutzki

Professional Travel Advisor

Amy has been in the travel industry since 1995, "I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!" Amy is just as passionate today about travel as she was on her very first day, the only difference being that she now has the opportunity and good fortune to travel comprehensively. After completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology, she realised that her ideal job would actually be to combine her two loves – travel and people. This is a job that brings Amy so much joy! Not only does she get to share her knowledge with her clients and work colleagues, but this industry gives her such a great opportunity to meet so many new people – be it international hoteliers, fellow consultants, or new clients. Whilst she loves so many destinations, over the years she has become a bit of an expert in Israel, Europe and America. Amy loves to plan trips to places that challenge her and make her think outside the box, such as Africa, Israel & Jordan and Peru & Chile.

Lately, she has found herself planning more and more multi-generational family trips, active holidays, cruises, and unique experiences for her clients.

Amy’s goal in life is to visit and experience as many places as possible; So, where to next? Her bucket list is quite long… but it does include Ireland, Scotland, Canada & Alaska. Stay tuned!

Amy Wasbutzki
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