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Aurora Expeditions

Explore and experience a life changing expedition

Save up to 25% off* extraordinary voyages to Antarctica with Aurora Expeditions. Unleash your sense of adventure aboard Aurora's purpose-built expedition vessels, designed to carry a maximum of 132 passengers for an intimate encounter with breathtaking landscapes, mesmerising wildlife, and awe-inspiring glaciers. Led by expert guides, delve into Antarctica's unique ecosystems and captivating history. Witness penguins, seals, and whales in their natural habitats.

Book now and unleash your sense of adventure on an extraordinary expedition to Antarctica with Aurora Expeditions! PLUS receive USD$250 on board credit.

  • Australian owned and Operated with over 32 years of experience

  • Ulstein X-Box for a more comfortable ride

  • More time off-ship with 2-3 excursions per day^

  • Most Comprehensive Activity Program

  • 100% Climate Neutral

Expedition Cruise - Suite Upgrade

From the start, Aurora Expeditions was destined to be different. Their passion for adventure, exploring wild places and sharing the experience with friends has burned brightly for thirty years.

Each expedition is accompanied by an some of the world's best expedition teams, remote area specialists, onboard lecturers and more to expand your knowledge.

Whether you’re joining for the first time or returning for another thrilling adventure, their original goals remain unchanged. Explore wild places that stir the soul, offer personal attention on unforgettable expeditions and welcome new friends into the Aurora Expeditions family.

The real adventure happens off-ship. Expeditions are all about more opportunities for you to get off-ship, explore and connect with the remarkable destinations. It’s all about connecting you with the natural environment because when you disembark, the hope is to leave you richer in your knowledge and understanding of our planet than you were when you stepped onboard.

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